Matt Banta, of Confluence Water Resources has over 14 years of technical and professional experience in groundwater and surface water resource development and management. For over a decade, Matt was a mine development and closure consultant for a top international firm, where he honed his practice and completed numerous hydrogeologic and hydrologic resources investigations and inventories, hydraulic testing, and groundwater characterization studies throughout the world. In addition, he has professional expertise in environmental natural resource studies, permitting, regulatory compliance, and drilling campaign planning and management.

Matt earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental and Natural Resource Science, with an emphasis in Hydrology from the University of Nevada-Reno, and is a certified professional Hydrogeologist and member of the American Institute of Hydrology (AIH No.15-HGW-7004).

Matt has diverse experience in the United States, Canada, South America, Russia, and Mexico, with expertise focusing on; characterization, development, and management of groundwater and surface water resources, supporting operations and closure of both open pit and underground mines. Matt's Environmental regulatory and permitting experience includes Clean Water Act compliance, wetlands and waters of the United States inventories and permitting, storm water plans, NPDES and NEPA document preparation and suport, and Water Pollution Control Permit acquisitions.

Matt is fourth generation from Lee Vining, California and the Mono Basin. His passion is  the Eastern Sierra, Yosemite back country, and Mono Lake. As a youth, Matt was directly immersed in water export and resource management issues of the Eastern Sierra, Owens Valley, and the Mono Basin. These experiences continue to provide a fundamental foundation for water resource management and the mission of Confluence Water Resources.

Confluence Water Resources is located in Reno, Nevada; Providing a confluence of innovative water resources and environmental solutions locally and abroad. 

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