Featured Projects

Confluence Water Resources LLC was founded in August 2015. For over a decade, Matt Banta of Confluence Water Resources consulted for a top international mine development and closure consultancy (SRK Consulting US. Inc.). The Featured Projects highlight the range of his experience over the last decade.

Hycroft Recourses and Development - Brimstone Pit Expansion Hydrogeologic Study, Nevada

Project Hydrogeologist responsible for characterization of the hydrogeology influencing the Hycroft Mine. Implementation of characterization study for pit lake and dewatering evaluations and permitting. Mine water supply exploration and development (potable and non-potable). Managed hydraulic testing program in deep core holes with groundwater over 200 °F using Standard Wire-line. Packer System (SWPS) technology - Included Research and Development for characterization of shallow geothermal system; corehole piezometer design, permitting, and installations. Managed rotary drilling program and installation of large production and groundwater monitoring wells with water over 200°F and dissolved Hydrogen Sulfide Gas. Installation and calibration of vibrating wire piezometers (VBW) in geothermal aquifer over 2,200 feet. Designed and managed pumping test of thermal aquifer. Data analysis and interpretation, preparation of investigation report, and presentations.

Comstock Mining Inc, Characterization and Water Supply, Nevada

Water supply development and planning, baseline groundwater and surface water studies. Design and installation of groundwater monitoring well network.

Lundin Gold – Fruta del Norte, Ecuador

Cooperative logistical support and execution of multi-faceted flight supported diamond drilling campaign, supporting hydrogeological, geotechnical, geochemical, and environmental evaluation studies for proposed underground mining operation located in the cloud forest of Amazonian Ecuador. 

Metallic Goldfield Gemfield Hydrogeology Study, Nevada

Characterization of hydrogeology influencing Goldfield Nevada and various mineral deposits within the Goldfield mining district, with primary focus on the Gemfield deposit. Monitoring and water supply well design, drilling management and well installation. Combined various drilling technologies including diamond drilling, rotosonic, and RC with hydraulic testing applications to achieve cost efficient and defensible means of baseline data collection.  Conducted and managed hydraulic testing in core holes using Standard Wire-line Packer System (SWPS) technology. Planning, development, and acquisitions of Water Rights to support mine construction, process, and dewatering requirements. Data analysis, preparation of conceptual groundwater model, presentations to regulators, and completion of characterization report.

Gradient Resources Inc, – Patua Geothermal Project, Nevada

Implementation of monitoring program(s) for shallow groundwater system, UIC and Special Use Permit administration.